Baby Mama 36 Nkosazana Single blesser lady Looking for a man ready for Love Now

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Thank you Thola Motho for posting me amoung single ladies. As for me I am blesser or a baby mama ready to date. My personal details are shared to those who are ready to start dating. Once again I thank you for posting me on your site.

The baby mama general Information

My name is Nkosazana Dhlevu staying in Durban with my first daughter while the second is with his father. Certainly I am looking for a man who is ready for a serious relationship. I visited looking for a man however it was in vain.

In addition to the above I am a medium lady who likes laughing and getting away with my mates. My prefered age is 25 to 30. This is because dating with men above 40 is a waste of time. Some they are abusive or they are fake. Real men are those who are below your age.

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What type of man I am looking for

First and fore most I like men who are serious when it comes to love. Understanding that I men needs respect, I am down to earth and God fearing so respecting is not a problem. However I need attention in return because love is two way not one way. To add on to the above I need an open minded person and lovely man. Undoubtebly I will turn him to be a good husband.

Getting contacts of a baby mama

In as much as love is concerned, we cannot go anywhere without communication. The reason why i ran away from LAVA PLACE dating is they need money for us to chat more. On the other hand Thola Motho is free but you need to follow some rules to get free Whatsapp Number

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